Monday, 29 September 2014

Our God

He is
holy, holy, holy!
And He looks to the
lowly, lowly, lowly.

Friday, 5 September 2014

on souls and soles

In the morning
when you are choosing shoes,
don't snooze
and overlook the most important shoes of all.
And no, I'm not talking about those new name brands from the mall.

I'm talking about the ones the One talks about -
the ones that carry peace to every place,
the ones that you wear that don't wear out,
the ones that help you run the race before you -
Gospel shoes.

These shoes don't go out of style,
and they last mile after mile,
and they must not get lost in the pile.

These shoes don't walk with the tide.
They work worldwide.
They cannot choose to hide.
They talk of the Guide
on the ride of life
through sun and through strife,
down valleys,
up hills,
down alleys,

... and into offices,
where the ladies have their high heels on
and the men their slick, polished shoes -
(those brand names from the mall)
walking tall,
toes pointed
the ward
for ill souls,
soles worn out,
souls worn out,

You see, 
that's why you need to put those Gospel soles
first on your feet,
so that when you meet
those low souls in high heels,
those dirty souls in polished boots,
those important souls in cheap flats,
you can tell them where to look -

to Him Who came from on High to low -
to Him under Whose feet we live,
Who came under to wash our feet -

to Him Who walked and talked among us,
Whose sandal straps we were unworthy to untie -

to Him Whose bare feet were nailed to a tree
on a hill called Calvary,
where He bore our sin and shame -

to the Name worthy of all fame -
the Lord God -
because He is holy
and He wholly conquered death
so that we might truly live.

In Him, through Him and to Him be the glory
for this Story
though gory, but great,
because our sin-sick souls can be repaired
by His payment.

This Lord Jesus -
Who crushed Satan's head with His heel!

So how do you get these new souls...
these new soles?

And what about a wardrobe change?
It's available to all -
and no, you can't get it at the mall.

Here's how -

Christ came,
To give us (so that we might live)
His robe of righteousness -
a radiant robe, a required robe,
a blood-bought robe.

We receive this robe
in exchange for our rags
full of snags, full of tears and tears -
our rags that we have tried to wash clean
(with our rule-following
and sermon-swallowing
and guilt-wallowing)
to no avail.

You see there was this veil
(this separation because of our sin)
between the Creator and creature
that the only good God-Man came to tear.

And now we wear
this bride's veil,
clean, pristine, proper,
bought by His life-blood -
free to us but cost Him everything,
free to us but cost Him everything.

And the payment He made was complete
Because He rose back on His feet
And ascended back on high to the sky.

Now do you see
that these costly clothes
and these Gospel shoes
are the most essential items we need?

He is 
more vital than Vera Wang
more pricey than Prada
más dulce que Dolce and Gabana
more gorgeous than Gucci
more special than Kate Spades.

So, my sister, 
forget that dress for now
and address your absolute need of His blood-bought covering.
Forget that diamond ring right now
and look at the Kind King, radiant in all His sparkling splendour.
Forget those red nails and pierced ears for now
and see His nail-pierced hands, red with blood.
Forget that accessory's price
and consider the price He paid for your life.
Forget that new handbag for now,
and see His hands beckoning you, "Come!"
Forget the latest designer
and get to know your Designer.
Forget what you think you need,
because what you absolutely need is the Redeemer.

Realize that you don't just own a bunch of soles,
you are a soul.
You don't just have a body,
you are meant to be part of the body of Christ.

All of humanity
in all of our depravity
need all of His grace
poured out upon the human race!

Sisters, we're all really the same
and this life is not a game.

We need the Name above all names,
the blest One, our rest -
Jesus Christ.
And when we know Him, we will want Him more than anything else.

"What does it profit a man or woman to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" - Jesus 

vida verdadera

Do not be lulled
to be dulled...

"The Walking Dead" is not just some TV show,
not just some parade down the street,
that will fade as a fad with time.


Know that the walking dead is a reality -
a dangerous drama diluting,
a sorry saga secluding
people from true life.
Deceiving the Eve in us,
leaving this generation lost
because lies cost.

                         Lies -

"Pretty Little Liars" we are,
wearing make up to make up
for our empty, ugly souls.
Pretty little liars -
this glamourous, clamourous giggly gig
when really -
Is not a beautiful woman with no discretion a pig?

But hey, we are caught in a worldly web,
bought by the online web
that teaches girls to reduce their waist-line
by reducing their dignity to a dime.
"Buy this!" and by this date,
you'll have a date.
"Wear this!" and where will you go?
"Drink this!" "Think this!"
Pink this, purple that.
And what does all this add up to -
a shrinking wallet, a shrinking waist-line -
but all really just a waste of time.

... So, it's time
to evangelize our souls, not trivialize.

Scriptures say something about all of this!
So, listen up because truth stays true,
And it's about time we get a clue!

"She who is self-indulgent is dead even though she lives." 

"Indulgent" - let's break it down
before we break down completely.

In - inward focused.
She says, "Time is mine."
She says, "I am totally fine."
She demands, "Give, give!" like a leech.
She warns, "Don't dare preach."

Dul(l) -
What a bore,
Always wanting more!
What's in store?
What's at the store?
Stuffed but starved,
Can't cope,
So she mopes.
Bleep (a swear word)
Beep (her phone goes)
Welcome distraction!
Click (photo)
Click (upload)
Waiting, celebrating
all the "likes" ups her rating.
Stroking her vanity,
Bordering insanity,
Eventually fed up, wanna give up...

But wait... it's a...

Gent -
She craves attention from a gent,
though he is anything but a gentleman.
But still, the thrill!
It's time to manipulate,
so she dresses as bate,
and she stays out late,
Seducing him, reducing her
to a cheap chimp,
an impulsive victim to vanity,
with a fever for fun,
a longing for love turned lust,
but she "must" just follow her heart.
"Believe in yourself" she mumbles,
as she stumbles,
as she crumbles.

Striving to be alive,
but feeling sad,
feeling bad,
going mad.

Oh, the epitome of pity -
to party then pity party!
To love yourself and feel lonely.
To trust oneself and find yourself falling short...
even in your high heels.
To laugh out loud and cry inside
To flirt and feel like dirt
To flaunt and be haunted by fear
To be noisy and nosy
To find yourself a fake
Whose flattery was all just fluff -
You're not enough.
Now you know it was all just stuff.

Now you see that
You by yourself are just a dead end.
You're on a journey...
Sure, maybe seventy years long and seemingly wide,
but in the end a pointless ride,
Swept away by the tide
of the next century.

We are like a flower that will fall,
unable to stall,
on the way to eternity.

We are like a mist that appears
then disappears
after a certain amount of years.

Do you see the "us" in dust?
We are but dust.
And our stuff will rust.

But we are souls
that will last
past these years,
past these peers.

So, logically you have some choices.
live it up or give it up.
YOLO or sink low.
Cope or mope.
                                  ... Or neither!
There is HOPE!

Yes, our name is Eve
with pride in our stride
but on the eve
of being made new...

There is a Name
Whose fame is forever.
There is a Light
Whose flame always burns.
There is a Love
Whose grace ever flows
There is a Redeemer
That cares, helps, and knows.

The Winner of sinners,
The Lover who covers our stains
With the flood of His blood

His Name is Jesus!

The Second Adam
Who gives us a second chance
The Giver of all good gifts
Let us sing and dance!

He rose up from the dead
That we might die to our-dead-end-selves
and rise with Him to truly live
To gladly give
All in exchange for His new life.

So, let's renounce our pride,
for the King of kings died.
Let's forsake our fear
for the Prince of princes came near.
Let's quit our lust
for He is a Lover to trust.
Let's kill our greed
for God meets our every need.
Let's forget our nerves
Because His child serves.
Let's give up our pathetic, puny plot
(that eventually will rot)
to the One Who gave up His throne for a cross.
Let's surrender our small, silly dream
To the everlasting Theme
of His marvelous grace to our human race.

Though the leech cries, "Give, give!"
The LORD cries louder, "Live, live!"