Sunday, 13 September 2009

a lesson in gratitude

Isn’t it funny how we end up learning something, even as we are teaching? And isn’t it even funnier how some of the best teachers are our five year old students? That, my friends, is one of the best paradoxes in God's world. And we would do well to realize it.

Today in Sunday school, we each enjoyed a lollipop. Mine was apple. And it turned my tongue green. But that's beside the point. Before we dared take a lick, I was informed by five-year-old Kimi that we needed to give thanks. So we did. She said, “Dear God, thank you for these lollipops and thank you for loving us.”

And in that moment, God used Kimi to remind me to "(always!) give thanks to the Lord, for He is (always!) good!" Good, to create us. Good, to love us. Good, to rescue us. Good, to sustain us. Good, to bless us. Good, to even give us taste buds.

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