Monday, 23 March 2015

"The best is yet to come!"

"The best is yet to come!" Thank you, Frank Sinatra. And it's more than just a fine line from a classic song. It's a reality for the Christian.

I am engaged to a wonderful Christian man. His name is Nathan Juarez. He has a head and heart for God. He loves the church. He is handsome and romantic. He is magical on the piano. And he loves Cuban food as much as I do. I love him a lot (and for a lot more reasons than just those), and I am counting down the days till we say "I do" to each other. It will be so great to have a companion to share the joys and burdens of life's journey.

As excited as I am for our wedding day, still, I am even more overwhelmed thinking about the reality that we are on our way to Heaven. This engagement season has really got me to thinking.

If the splendid sparkle on my finger which demands so much attention is just a small glimmer of what is to come, can you imagine?! If a jewel speck from Earth radiates such glorious spectrums of colour, can you even begin to envision the majesty of God, Creator of diamonds? 

And if the love I experience from Nathan is just a little picture of the Groom's love to come, can you imagine?! God is love! And the anticipation for the Hawaiian honeymoon can't even rival the anticipation the Christian should feel for eternity where there are pleasures forevermore at His right hand (Psalm 16:11).

I'm doing an identity study at the moment, and the one that has most struck me is that I am on my way to Heaven - Heaven with the King of Kings and the fellowship of all His blood-bought children. Now that is glorious beyond comprehension. "No eye has seen and no human mind has conceived - the things God has prepared for those who love Him." (1 Corinthians 2:9) With this in mind, truly our long days on Earth filled with sighing and crying, waiting and working, wandering and wondering are but "momentary afflictions preparing for us an eternal weight of GLORY beyond all comparison." (2 Corinthians 4:17) You know?

Here I am, awaiting the 17th of May (Yay! Come quickly!), but am I expecting Jesus' return with such joy and urgency as well? Am I inviting those around me to the eternal party with the Lord Jesus Christ? Thankfully everybody is invited to that, while I'm limited to a 200 guest count on Earth. :) 

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