Saturday, 6 August 2016

a glimpse of glory

The Lord was so kind when He had Nathan in mind for me. I realize this more with each day that passes. I thought I loved him when I dated him, but that love has only grown since I've married him. 

Like any couple, our relationship is enriched by both our differences and our commonalities. We are different. We've had different people and places in our past. We have different perspectives on different things. We have different personalities. We have different gifts. And then we are alike in so many other ways. The deepest bond we share is Jesus Christ. We both love to spend time with people. We both love to travel and to eat. We both are intrigued by language and history. And we both share a profound appreciation for music. 

One of our favourite words is "juntos" which is the Spanish word for "together." We love to experience life "juntos." It's just more fun and interesting that way! 

For all our differences and commonalities, I am moved to worship the God who orchestrated our love story. 

Speaking of orchestration, in case you didn't already know, my husband is a composer. And a serious one at that. I mean, the guy has a photo of John Williams and him in his wallet. I'm not even in his wallet! ;)

Anyways, Nathan writes and directs some of the most beautiful orchestra pieces on the planet (not that I'm biased or anything!). Hence why I call his director's baton a wand because that's what it truly is. It works real magic in real time.

One of my favourite things about being married to him is hearing him in the process of a piece of music coming to life. It'll start as a simple melody and transform into an unforgettable theme. It'll capture you and carry you. You'll soar with the score.

Better than that though is when he goes on a heartfelt spiel about how God's glory is WONDERfully shown in music. Just last night he was raving about this very thing. From the depths of his being, he exclaimed, "Angela, our God is so sO SO glorious!!! Isn't it amazing that He has given us music as an evidence of His glory?" 

After all, music was God's idea since the beginning (Job 38:7) and is one of His heavenly hobbies (Zephaniah 3:17). 

This got me to thinking - just as there are endless arrangements of notes and a stunning diversity of genres and a fascinating variety of instruments, so multifaceted and magnificent is God's glory! 

And if I'm so impressed with but a little image-bearer (aka my husband) of our big and glorious God, then I can't even begin to imagine the splendour of the Source! And if I'm so overwhelmed by Nathan's gift of music, then I am in total and complete awe of the Giver. 

So, let me end on this "note," ;) I love my composer mucho, and I love the way he imitates our Creator.

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