Monday, 3 January 2011

living colour

When I walk through the door of my house, these old photographs welcome me home.

What may appear as just a collection of old, black and white photographs to you are not just any old photographs to me, but rather the memory of colourful people. They have been carried carefully by my mum from Northern Ireland and Scotland, to the east and west coast of the States.

They are the faces of my family through the generations, some who have gone before me, some who live across the ocean, some who are still with me. They are stories to be told, and told again. They are people to be remembered and revered. They are lives to learn about and learn from.

I'm sure you have old, black and white photographs in your house too. Maybe they are in some nice frames, or maybe they are hiding somewhere in a box. Wherever they are, don't just let them collect dust. Don't imagine the lives of those in them as black and white either, but rather colourful and important. Go look at them, ask about them, listen, and learn from them.

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