Monday, 24 January 2011

food for thought

we all have to eat. every single one of us. that is one of the indisputable facts that unites mankind on every continent. it doesn't matter whether you are dining around a pretty table with fine china, or sitting in a circle on the floor sharing wooden bowls. and it doesn't matter whether you use a fork, a set of chopsticks, or your hands. you could be in a crowded restaurant, a little café, or the comfort of your home. whatever the case, wherever you go, people eat. you eat. i eat.

now this whole idea of eating can seem like a very matter-of-fact, mundane part of life. our bodies need nutrition to function, so we eat. it's an old fact of life, from the beginning of humanity. yet, have you ever considered that eating could have been made a very boring activity, done just for the sake of survival? all i have to say is - praise God it isn't.

i am so delighted that God created taste buds, and gave thousands and thousands of them to each person. and i am so glad that He created flavours too. all kinds of delicious flavours. strong, spicy, rich, and colourful flavours. flavours that combine and clash, to make eating interesting. these taste buds and those flavours make eating a pleasure. God didn't have to make it that way, but He did. so whether we eat (or whatever we do), let us do it for the glory of God.

that being said, think before you eat. think about God's culinary creativity, and praise Him for your food. savour that steak, suck on that sweet, enjoy that enchilada, relish that rice, taste that tangerine... and worship God.

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