Monday, 7 February 2011


I am currently reading a tremendous book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss called Lies Women Believe (and the Truth That Sets Them Free). If you are a woman, I implore you to find this book and get going immediately. It is a no-nonsense, practical, powerful read. Page by page, lies that we believe are uncovered and replaced with transforming truths.

This excerpt really struck me in a chapter engaging the lie, "It's all about you."
"History is the story of redemption. This story is much bigger than I. I am not the main character in the drama of redemption. I am not the point. But by God's grace I am part of it. My subplot is integral to the whole. It is far more significant to have a small part in this story than to star in my own puny production. This is a cosmic story that will run throughout eternity. Will I play my part with grace and joy, or will I go for the short-run, insignificant story that really has no point?"
- Susan Hunt

Jesus said, "Know the truth, and the truth will set you free." What's the truth? The truth is that you and I were purposefully created to live for His grand, gorgeous glory, to enjoy His excellence, to worship His wonderful worth. Unless we are doing so, we are not really, truly living; rather we are dead and disillusioned, in bondage to our-sinful-selves. We"-can't-get-no sat-is-faction" like the Rolling Stones sang, when we are living for ourselves, because we are fallen and finite, and made for more, a marvelous more. Perhaps the greatest lie each of us live by is that "it's about me". It's actually not! Look around, creation sings His song. Look back, redeemed saints sang His song. Look ahead, everybody will bow the knee and acknowledge their Creator. Better to face the fact sooner than later, that it's all about God, knowing Him, praising Him, enjoying Him. [This reconciled relationship made possible through His Son, the Saviour.]

Reality is ironic sometimes -
like how living as His servant is where true freedom is found.

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