Thursday, 16 July 2009

the five senses

Some people with sight don’t see. Some people with hearing don’t hear. They go through life blind and deaf. They plug their nose, keep their shoes on, and waste their taste buds.

Tonight I got to spend a few minutes alone by the ocean.

I opened my eyes. The sun had already sunk below the water, but its golden hues remained to grace the sky. Colours blended and their shades befriended, leaving a sight that was undoubtedly painted by the great Artist. Creativity at its finest!
I opened my ears. The waves rolled and crashed. The water raced all around my feet. Then bubbles fizzed until the water was sucked back out by the mighty tide of the mighty blue. The noise was constant.
I breathed in the abundance of crisp air. I took of my shoes and let my toes sink into the soggy sand. I let the wind play with my hair. And I tasted the salt.

And let me tell you… tangled hair, sandy feet, and salty skin is worth it! Yes it is!
You know, God gave us all our five senses to use! So, use them! And then praise Him! Join in with the standing ovation of His creation!
{what a world! what a God!!}

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