Friday, 31 July 2009

it's (much!) more than a song

Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick ought to come with a warning label. It should say - Beware that if you read this book while in bed, you may not sleep afterwards, due to the glorious truths contained between these binds! Open at the risk of being changed forever!

I have slept very little these past few nights, and I blame it on the book, and the Holy Spirit who is changing me because of the book! And the funny thing is the effects of this all. I simultaneously feel as though I could sleep (like a baby!) because of His love and run around the world declaring (at the top of my lungs!) His love. And though I am tired today, I am as energized as ever! How is this so? Because He loves me.

'Jesus loves me.' You've heard this. And I bet a million bucks that you sang this every week at Sunday school as a child, and a billion bucks that you even know the hand motions. And speaking of motions, I’m afraid that’s all this song might be to us. A popular Sunday school tune. A sweet message. A nice line from the Bible. A cute song we sang as a child.
But it is so much more!

Those three words offer all the hope, joy, peace, and fulfillment that a person could ever need, let alone want! His love gives me a purpose to live and provides the foundation to fulfill that purpose! His love 'covers a multitude of sins'. His love 'drives out fear' because it is perfect. And "the width and length and depth and height" of His love fulfills "with all the fullness of God." And right there, you can enjoy forgiveness, peace, and satisfaction because He loves you. And that's only the beginning, my friend. R.C. Chapman got it right when he said, “When we would consider the love of God in Christ, we are as one approaching the ocean; he casts a glance on the surface, but the depths he cannot sound.”

I am just astounded, which is only natural when one considers the fact that God decided to love the world. A world rampant with blaspheming, arrogant rebels who belittle His existence daily with their selfish ways and hideous idols. Nevertheless though, 'God is love' and loved us 'while we were still sinners'. And He 'so loved us' that He 'spared not His own Son, but gave Him up for us all', which in doing so satisfied His just wrath. What a love! Undeserved but nevertheless 'lavished upon His children'!

My life was saved and is being changed Because He Loves Me.

P.S. I'm being dead serious about that warning label!

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