Wednesday, 18 August 2010

look & live.

It was a typical English winter morning, and a young boy, called Charles, found himself caught in the Sunday snowstorm. In an attempt to escape it, he happened upon a tiny church down a side road. Anything to get out off the cold! he thought.

He entered the old building to find a dozen people and no pastor. You see, the snow had many people stuck at home. So, the resident shoe-maker of the group volunteered, last-minute, to fill the vacant pulpit. Unprepared, and simple as ever, the man read Isaiah 45:22 - Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else. Then he directed this plea at the young boy with ears, "Young man, you're in trouble! Look to Jesus Christ! Look! Look! Look!" And so it was that day, that the Lord saved Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Think of it, he walked into the church that morning, a dead boy; and left it alive, [alive because of a living God!].

Notice though, there was no eloquent speaker. Neither was there an extravagant show. But there was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the crucified and risen Lord, preached [plain and simple]. That was all, and that was enough; for the boy looked to the Sufficient Sacrifice, and was rescued forever. You see, we don't need anything but the Saviour Himself. Empty chairs aren't a problem, when Jesus is present... and a feeble speaker will do, as long as the Holy Spirit is in attendance... and not even a dreary dull morning can pose a threat, for the Light and warmth of the Father is stronger than it all.

So, stop looking at all the fuss and fame around us. Enough with the fancy frills. And please, no more 'in-style' distractions. Don't miss the Bright and Morning Star because of a few cheap spot-lights. What you and I need is Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Oh human with a soul, don't dare die again; be born again. Repent and believe; look, Look, LOOK to Him, and breathe for the first time.

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