Wednesday, 25 August 2010

first day of class

I am embarking on a brand-new adventure this year - a new school, a new group of friends, new professors, new information, new experiences. And so far, so good. (Hopeful final destination: a multiple subjects teaching credential!) Today in class, we had to write a personal poem (inspired by a children's book, of course). I am happy with how mine came together, and was always taught that it's nice to share. So, here you go.

The important thing about teaching is the people. There are parents and principals, students and supervisors, custodians and cooks. Hallways and classrooms and playgrounds are packed, packed, packed with people.
Teachers are learning and teaching, and teaching and learning. Students are stretching and growing, and going to new heights. Yet, it all takes time, time, time. There are lessons to learn, subjects to conquer, projects to plan, and homework to grade. There are problems to solve, brains to expand, and character to build. There are rules to keep and requirements to meet. All of this, and more to do; only seven hours in a school day.
But, the important thing about teaching is the people.

Okay, now YOU should write one of your own. I'm telling you, do it. It's easy! Not to mention, it very well might be be your ten-minute miracle because of how it helps you simplify the complicated. A few short lines like these organize your thoughts and direct your attention to the priority. All you need to do is start and end the poem with - The important thing about... {insert your word of choice}. It could be your occupation, a certain person, a personal goal... etc. {Whatever you please.} And then fill in the middle.
Happy writing, my friends!

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