Sunday, 29 August 2010

dry up or drink up / it's up to you

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to start your imagination engines. On the count of three! One… two… three…

Think of a desolate land. A barren wasteland. A lonely plateau of cracked, dry, neglected earth. Of thirsty, dirty dirt. There is nothing for miles. Nothing, but one pitiful, little, laughable shrub, which has been long dead from dehydration. Its bare branches stand tangled in a mess, its roots forever choked.

Now, switch gears. Banish that horrible scene from your mind, and invite one much more pleasing to replace it. Behold a marvelous tree… a tall, tall tree. Its bark is a perfect brown, its leaves a lush green, and it produces every kind of fruit known to mankind. Delicious, ripe, flawless fruit hang heavily from every branch. Now, don’t forget… all this magic begins underground… down, deep, deep. Its roots run to the rushing river, source of its continual refreshment that keeps all its leaves green, and fruit healthy. Ah, satisfied soil! Thirst quenched forever. Not even Mr. Sun, at his worst, can threaten this tree’s contentment and growth. Now, that is one happy tree, if there ever was one.

Ok, so why this imagination assignment? Well, the idea is straight from the Genius Himself. See Jeremiah 17:5-8. I have been so struck with the imagery in these verses that I can't get the stark contrast between these two scenes out of my head. The frightful former represents the man who trusts in man and who relies on himself, and the lovely latter symbolizes the man who trusts in the Lord and puts his hope in Him.

We have two choices, people. Choose wisely.

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