Tuesday, 26 May 2009

backyard bliss

I had chocolate with my cereal this morning. Should I be concerned?

Twas a glorious yesterday and today. I (finally!) went to Target and developed my photos from a semester in Israel and Egypt. I must have stood at the Kodak picture machine for a solid hour, sorting through hundreds and hundreds of shots. Let the scrapbooking begin!!

I would define today as: backyard bliss. I spent my whole afternoon with two very sweet wee girls. Stella is five and Coco turns three tomorrow (about which she is so excited that she burst into singing happy birthday to herself a day early). We coloured. We blew (is that really the past tense of blow?) bubbles till we nearly passed out. We bounced on the trampoline until we were all bounced out. We sipped apricot tea. (A five year old who drinks tea!! I love it.) And thanks to Stella, each of my toes is painted a different colour, ‘like the rainbow’ she says. And all the while, we listened to the birds because ‘they all sing a different song’.

I do believe that we have a lot to learn from children. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Weee!! You started a blog! Proud of you, and will check in regularly :) I almost feel like you're my neighbor now, just a few houses down. :)