Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Paper is Patient

It was Anne Frank who once commented that paper is one of our most patient friends. It waits for us to articulate our thoughts. And I am so glad for that.
I think that is one of the reasons I most love to write. Writing allows us to think through things, figure things out, and then best of all, record them, for when our memories let us down.
And not only that, but writing is a wonderful way to share. To share life. To share memories. To share laughs. To share tears. To share blessings. To share with others that which God is doing in our lives.
So hence the reasons for starting this blog. Now I just hope all my readers are as patient as paper.


  1. I'll be patient to read it!! Bethany and I were so excited to read it! :) We are officially housemates... sisters for the summer! :)

    You have to spend the night with the Sanders. Can't wait to get a sneak peek of your life during time when I am not with you!!

  2. I love what you wrote about paper being patient in the post. Hope u r having a great summer so far!