Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Unfading Hope

Well it’s been a few weeks now. A few weeks of looking and listening for that perfect blog title. A few weeks of patiently waiting for that moment of ingenious glory to fall upon me.
I’m telling ya, naming your blog is quite a responsibility. You want it to mean something. To be an authentic representation of your soul and your goals. You want something clever, something catchy… but not cheesy. Absolutely no cheese allowed.
So, here I am to report that after weeks of searching for that blow-your-socks-off blog title, I have come to this …
Unfading Hope.

Now, I know. It’s not that original. It doesn’t have some deep, secret meaning. It’s not a metaphor, and it’s not even alliterated. But it’s true. And I like it, because of that.
I have a hope imperishable, undefiled, which fadeth not away. I have a hope that never disappoints. I have a hope that is never put to shame. I have hope today, and I have hope for every tomorrow into eternity.
… because of Jesus Christ. Who is the Hope, who is my hope.
(And so it is only proper that the theme of my life is the name of this blog.)

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