Sunday, 24 May 2009

Scotland has arrived!!

Last night was an exciting night in the De Courcy household. My Gran May and Granda Gordon arrived in from Scotland, and along with them, a whole suitcase full of … the goods. Tea bags. Chocolate bars. Biscuits (aka: cookies). Oh it was wonderful. We all sat up late chatting and catching up over many a cuppa. They are here for the next few weeks and so I’m bound for many a laugh and story. My granda is known among the family as the comedian. He is still pulling pranks, though he’s near eighty. And for as old as he is, his jokes never tire. He always has a trick up his sleeve and has us laughing all the time. And my gran… now can she tell a story!! She instantly has her audience captivated by her thick brogue, sparkling eyes, and hand motions. Not to mention, she is the most in-style 70 year old I have ever known. The lady is always in a pair of high heels. I actually plan on borrowing a pair. Who needs my sisters anymore to share with? I have my gran.

By the way, my gran is ‘shrinking’ in height. What most would attribute to the aging process, my granda blames on Scottish short-bread.

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