Sunday, 21 June 2009

cracked pots and crackpots

D.L. Moody once said, "We can never be too small for God to use; only too big."

Ever noticed that God deliberately chooses the weak and the foolish to do something great for His name? God loves to use the nobody because, by doing so, He will get the greatest glory, [as He is due]. He is the only worthy Somebody.

He says, "This one I esteem: He who is humble and contrite (repentant) in spirit, and trembles at My Word."

It is good to know and feel our inadequacy, for it is true. We are incapable to even breath, if it were not for His life-giving grace. The beauty of it is though, that He will still glorify Himself by using us, as silly and stupid as we are. He uses cracked pots and crackpots.

Our limits do not limit God. (Hallelujah! for that.)

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