Tuesday, 30 June 2009

the highest crime

God forbid, that we complicate, categorize, or compromise the beautiful simplicity of the most important command in all of Scriptures - to love the Lord Jesus (with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength!).

I plead guilty of disobedience, of neglect. I have committed the highest crime, in the highest degree. I have 'lost Jesus' in my Christian walk. But God is faithful in awakening me to the possibility of that paradox, and it is frightening, folks. To overlook Jesus (the Saviour, my Saviour) is something I'm afraid we all do more than we would like to think.

I now see my pride, and it is ugly (very ugly). I've been impressing myself lately with applying Biblical principles, good conversations, going to church, encouraging others, and even trying to share the Gospel. All of which, are (very) good things, if done because I know and love Jesus. Those things should follow naturally a love for Jesus, but never be done independently or primarily. And so, I'm disgusted to admit, that in it all, I have failed in what is most important- knowing Jesus.

Is He just an acquaintance? A 'go-to'? A refuge? A 'get-out-of-hell card'? Or is He our everything? Our most precious Jewel? Our most intimate friend? Our most beloved Father?

He keeps His promises (thank Him for that!). How about we start keeping His commandments?, starting with the first, "love Him".

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