Friday, 16 April 2010

laughs at words

Steadfast is a beautiful word, perhaps one of the most beautiful. (definitely on my top-ten list of favourite adjectives!) So, my handy-dandy thesaurus came up with these words to describe this word. loyal. steady. faithful. firm. stable. dependable. unfailing. Still, all of this vocabulary cannot communicate what it really means, for it is deeper than we can comprehend, and so different from what we know on this earth.

This word belongs to God alone, for only He is truly steadfast. {Yet it is something I endeavour to be, because it reflects well my God.}

I find it interesting that steadfast nearly always accompanies love in the Psalms, and in so doing describes what God’s love is like.

And the realization of this kind of love causes such emotions to well up in my soul that there are no words worthy to explain it. As Amy Carmichael so well put, “Can words tell the joy buried deep within? Mine cannot. It laughs at words."

enough said.

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