Saturday, 17 April 2010

psalm 31:15a

my times are in Your hands.

It's amazing how drastically different life is, when I put on the glasses of God's sovereignty. People and places become exciting because I see that God has purposed these specific things for this particular time. There's no desire to fiddle with His clock, when I believe that its hands are positioned by His hand in the correct place. There's no reason to worry, when God assures me that this season is timely and good. There's no wearisome striving for something, other than this moment, because this moment is chosen for me by God. My prayer is to use it, and to see every day (wherever I may be and whomever I am with) as a God-ordained gift. With God in the picture, nothing is ever a waste, and nothing is ever random.

That is exhilarating.

So, no more of this nail-biting, knee-knocking, or twiddling of the thumbs. It's time to enjoy and employ the moment. Here I go.

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